Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm Filled with Squishy Organs (Atheist Bashing)

That's me: big, hairy and poorly dressed. Oh, and rampaging.

I hate this kind of casual smack at atheists. I really do. It just makes me tired. And it so common.

Don’t be afraid to be pious.

We lose nothing in being devout and we gain ineffable benefits.

Do not be afraid to bend yourself down before God especially and also to the angels and saints our intercessors and patrons and be simply pious. Man was made to be pious. This is the essence of religion, without which we are empty shells: to give due reverence to God. The sin of our first parents came from trying to be the opposite of pious: self-sufficient self-gods. That was defiance of due piety. But people can drift into the same emptiness of life by neglect of piety and devotion, neglect of fostering the habits of devotion.

Consider the benefits of devotion for a moment, and then consider the downside of being – not impious, in the sense of being wicked – but slothful and haphazard and lukewarm.

[emphasis mine]

I am an atheist and I am not an empty shell. I am not empty at all.

I am an atheist and I am not slothful, haphazard or lukewarm.

I am an atheist and I am human, too.

I am an atheist and I am not less than you, John Zuhlsdorf.

I am an atheist and I have feelings and they can be hurt.

I am an atheist and if you prick me, I will bleed.

I am an atheist and you hate me.

I am an atheist and you've never met me.

I am an atheist and I'm done apologizing.

I am an atheist and I'm done asking.

I am an atheist and I will make you listen.

I am an atheist and I've come here to demand your respect.

I am an atheist and I'm not leaving until I've got it.


  1. If the essence of religion is "being pious" then I guess I'm not quite as religious as I thought I was. I'm a godless heathen and I didn't even know it!

  2. Come, join us in the dark side. We have cookies!

  3. I'm a godless heathen and I didn't even know it!

    Speaking of oxymorons....;)

  4. By the way, I decided to offer my own thoughts on the topic, from a different perspective.

  5. I'm an atheist that's very much in love, capable of expressing in books and novels, and (this is the important part)... I'm happy! I know, I know. They say that atheists are never happy...

    but I am.

  6. Wait, is "K. Syrah" = "Que sera, sera"?

    If so, WIN!

  7. They say that atheists are never happy..

    You know, that one never made sense to me.

  8. In fairness, these sorts of people probably never do meet atheists who are happy, in the same way that members of the KKK never meet happy minorities.

  9. I'm an atheist, and I'm okay.
    I sleep all night and I work all day.

  10. I am an atheist, and I'll try to help if you need it, and I'm not angry unless you give me cause to be, and I try to be a good person because I find that more rewarding than the alternative.

  11. i'm not an atheist - but my dad is. i can't hate atheists - i understand WHY most people are. they don't feel whatever it is i feel that makes me not-an-atheist.

    that IS NOT WRONG. it's perfectly normal and ok [and now i feel as if i'm defending being gay to someone, oy]. i know tons and tons of atheists - and there's exactly ONE i don't like, and that's NOT because he's an atheist [he's a proslytizing atheist, that might be part of it]

    and the thing is - even if i'm right [religiously] all that means is that you're gonna be coming back for another life. which, you know, so am *I*.

    if Christians are right, then i'll happily join the rest of you in Hell. presuming any atheists GO to hell - last i read [from God: The Ultimate Autobiography] God doesn't believe in atheists. so i suppose, if Christians are right, that's it's possible you all will get that oblivion you think you're getting anyway.

    and, you know... that might be nice...

  12. I am an Atheist (okay, maybe there's a bit of the agnostic in there too) and a Brony and I'm gonna Love and Tolerate the * SHIT* out of you, Fr. Z.

  13. I am an atheist and I hardly ever eat babies, be homosexual, have abortions or single-handedly destroy western civilisation.

    Forgive me science, for I have Notsinned...



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